Mobile User Acquisition

Acquire quality users to maximize your marketing goals

On social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, on exchanges or across our global ad network our mobile data and algorithms let you acquire the users that are likely to interact with your brand and spend money in your app.

Data-driven recommendations to reach the right audience

Win and engage your customers with data-driven recommendations for brands and apps that are tailored to specific audience interests.  Our recommendation algorithms find the best users to share your brand story or install your app.

Maximize your investment to increase your ROI

Our algorithms and audience insights help you generate excellent ROI for your marketing spend.  We find the right users on the right media to help you achieve your marketing goals.

What makes Nexus Ads different?


Cutting-edge proprietary mobile programmatic system with internal DMP and RTB bidder. Learn more about our all-in-one programmatic system.


Real time adjustments of campaigns are possible with automatic optimization. Our advanced algorithms monitor and optimize campaigns according to campaign ROI expectations. Discover our built-in fraud-detection, KPI optimizer, re-marketing algorithm and more.


Our platform receives billions of user signals every day. Each signal is an opportunity to enrich user profiles and our DMP. This information combined with our decision-making engines will lead to better campaign behaviors and understanding as well as the ability to make smarter buying decisions.


Track, analyze, learn, optimize every single signal to meet KPI goals. This is the essence of our platform!